Here is a list of the fighers which compete out of the Fight Ministry Hull in different disciplines, if you're looking to match any of the fighters for a show, please get in touch with us.


Name: Sam Wilkinson

Discipline: MMA

Record: 29-2-0  (Win, Loss, Draw)

Credentials: 10th Legion Bantamweight Champion, CSFC Bantamweight Champion, Total Combat Bantamweight Champion, British Open No Gi Gold Medalist -70kg 2009

Weight: 66kg

Stance: South-Paw

Age: 24


Name: Paul Regan

Discipline: K1

Record: 15-1-0 (Win, Loss, Draw)

Credentials: ISKA Light-Middleweight British K1 Champion, ISKA Light-Middleweight English K1 Champion, ICO Light-Middleweight Northern Area K1 Champion, HBC Welterweight Boxing Champion, World Open Kickboxing Championships Silver Medalist -71kg 2014, World Open Kickboxing Championships Bronze Medalist -71kg 2014,

Weight: 72.5kg

Stance: Orthodox

Age: 29


Name: Louis Chapman

Discipline: MMA

Record:  (Win, Draw, Loss)

Credentials: 10th Legion British MMA Featherweight Champion, 10th Legion British MMA Lightweight Champion, 10th Legion British MMA Welterweight, Champion, HBC Light Heavyweight Boxing Champion

Weight: 70kg

Stance: Orthodox

Age: 30


Name: Connor Tommins

Discipline: Boxing

Record: 23 Boxing Bouts, 2 White Collar, 1 K1  

Credentials:  HBC Middleweight Boxing Champion, National Boxing Champion, 5 x Yorkshire Champion, 4 x East Midlands Champion

Weight: 75kg

Stance: Orthodox

Age: 20


Name: George Smithson

Dicipline: K1/MMA

Record:  16-2-0 (Win, Loss, Draw)

Credentials: Junior Wako British Champion, Junior Wako regional Champion

Weight: 77kg -84kg

Age: 24


Name: Josh Turner

Discipline: MMA

Record: 6-3-0 (Win, Loss, Draw)

Weight: 61kg

Stance: Orthodox

Age: 21


Name: Mike Patterson

Discipline: K1/Thai

Record: 3-2-0 Win, Loss, Draw

Weights: 69-72kg,

Stance:  Orthadox

Age: 28


Name: Dave Yeomans

Discipline: K1/Thai,

Record: 1-2-0 Win, Loss, Draw

Weights: 60-64kg,

Stance:  Orthadox

Age: 30